My name is Sean Hipkin. I am a designer, and freelance illustrator living in San Francisco, California. I graduated with high distinction from the California College of Art and Design with a Bachelor degree in Illustration. 

A few of my clients have included: Adobe, Mcsweeney’s Publishing, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Ladybug Magazine, Swift Industries, and Illustoria Magazine.

My Gallery work has been exhibited at Rare Device, Nahcotta, A Little Lodge, Woods Outbound, Fayes Video, and 3 Fish Studios. 

Artist Feature with Swift Industries 

What have you discovered about yourself through illustration?

I am both a dreamy romantic and very detail-oriented. I’ve tried to loosen up but it’s really, really hard for me. I have also discovered that I’m very process-driven – I need a reason to create.  I deeply enjoy the process and focus that comes with making illustrations; but if I don’t have a creative vision to sit down and bring to life, I would rather be riding my bike searching for inspiration.