Photo by Jocelyn Lui

Hi There!

My name is Sean Hipkin. I am an illustrator and painter living in San Francisco, California. I graduated with high distinction from the California College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration.

Selected clients include Adobe, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, The National Wildlife Federation, Illustoria Magazine, Ladybug Magazine, Swift Industries, Tumbleweed Bicycle Co, and Bluelug bike shop in Japan.

My work has been exhibited at Nahcotta, Rare Device, A Little Lodge, Woods Outbound, Fayes Video, and 3 Fish Studios.

What have you discovered about yourself through illustration?

I am both a dreamy romantic and very detail-oriented. I’ve tried to loosen up but it’s really, really hard for me. I have also discovered that I’m very process-driven – I need a reason to create.  I deeply enjoy the process and focus that comes with making illustrations; but if I don’t have a creative vision to sit down and bring to life, I would rather be riding my bike searching for inspiration.